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Spectacular archaeological find in Denisovan cave in Siberia

Scientists uncover a 50,000 crown made from Whooly Mamouth tusk

According to the UK Daily Mirror Dec 10:

“The tiara maybe the oldest of its type in the world,” said The Siberian Times — - which made clear it is between 45,000 and 50,000 years old... that is seen by archaeologists as one of the most significant treasure troves of early man anywhere in the world.”

While Denisovans became extinct thousands of years ago, their DNA lives on - but nowhere near Siberia.

The native peoples of Australia and Papua New Guinea have five per cent Denisovan DNA, say scientists, indicating a huge migration in prehistoric times. "south Asians possess more Denisovan ancestry than previously believed."

Tiara from Homo sapiens?  

From, "Ice-Age Ivory ‘Tiara’ Made From a Woolly Mammoth Tusk Discovered in Siberia":

the newfound relic is thought to have been made by the Denisovans. Although these ancient hominins were not the only early humans to dwell in that cave — which was also inhabited by Neanderthals and Homo sapiens 

Modern Africans partly descended from "Ghost species": Chris Stinger suggests Homo Heidelbergensis

Professor John Hawkes agrees

University of Wisconsin paleontology professor John Hawks Tweeted out on Nov. 20:

John Hawks‏ @johnhawks

Great quote from @ChrisStringer65: "My bet is that Homo heidelbergensis is the introgressor." 

Note - Introgressor is the term used to describe sub-species genes moving into another sub-species population.

From Oct 20, "Traces of mystery ancient humans found lurking in our genomes":

[Stringer] "it has a strange mix of modern and primitive features... this [Iwo Eleru skull from Nigeria] could be an example of an African whose population had received this archaic introgression.” 

In other words, it might be a human whose ancestors mated with an African ghost... 

One candidate is Homo naledi... [Though] another suspect. “My bet is that Homo heidelbergensisis..."  this species was still around less than 300,000 years ago, when humans had already appeared.

Stefan Molyneux on why Conservatives shy away from the Race Realism debate

Via Twitter, Dec. 12:

"Racial IQ differences are tough for conservatives and liberals, and I genuinely sympathize – conservatives don’t like it because it is based on evolution, and liberals don’t like it because it destroys their fantasy of perfectly equal outcomes for all."

Molyneux is a libertarian, self-styled Ayn Rand individualist.  


"They’re also tough for conservatives because they imply that not everyone can succeed by hard work alone." -- Russell Feathers

"I don't believe everything propagated in the name of evolution, but the type of evolution you are describing is visible in all of nature, and it doesn't take ages to manifest. There is no disputing that intelligence can be passed down generationally. Simple as that." -- がいじん

"I’m not even disputing your claims; seems kind of obvious that individuals being different, leads to assume groups are likewise different; IQ included.  It’s likely genes play a part, but that’s completely ignoring culture and other externalities..." -- Leo Davila (Christian Conservative)

Darwinist Political Update

Video game creator of Assassin's Creed premiers "Ancestors"

Patrice Dez, a Quebecois, has a new project. 


Patrice Desilets showed in-game footage of his new human evolution game Ancestors: A Humankind Odyssey on stage at Reboot Develop 2018



In one scene an ape was attacked and eaten, quite brutally, by a crocodile in the water. And then the crocodile was pounced upon by a kind of long-toothed big cat - something that looked a bit like a sabretooth panther. And then the big cat was caught and wrapped around by a huge kind of boa constrictor or anaconda snake.

We saw the ape captured by a huge bird... It was carried away, killed and pecked apart and eaten all for our viewing pleasure.

From Gamespot interview, Dec. 8:

"from what I understand, this ape, soon to be hominid... will continue the species by surviving."

Child prodigy, mathematician harassed at Columbia Unviersity for Pro-White Civilization remarks


Columbia University student Julian von Abele has been attacked by the liberal media (Buzzfeed), students and the university administration for a pro-white history rant on campus. Abele shouted that he was proud to be white to nearby black students.  One of the students poked him in the face twice while responding angrily to him.  

From Identity Europa Dec 11:

Why is it wrong for von Abele to profess that he believes White people to be the best thing to ever happen to the world? There is nothing wrong with Whites loving and supporting our own. We stand with Julian von Abele and we feel inspired and encouraged by his words.

Von Abele is a child prodigy.  Video here, An eighth grader's physics theory on quantum mechanics and imaginary numbers.

Researcher denounced by colleagues at Cambridge and Oxford for Race Realism "pseudoscience"

Dr. Noah Carl a  research fellow at St Edmund’s College recently spoke at a conference on evolutionary psychology.  Among the topics at the conference: Eugenics.  As a result he is under enormous criticism from the English academic establishment. 

Protest letter via the UK Independent, Dec. 10:

“Carl’s work has already been used by extremist and far-right media outlets with the aim of stoking xenophobic anti-immigrant rhetoric. 

“In a context where the far-right is on the rise across the world, this kind of pseudoscientific racism runs the serious risk of being used to justify policies that directly harm vulnerable populations.”

Ford's defenders include, Economist Rohan Shah: "Bowing to the whims of a rabid mob out for vigilante justice would be an awful step."

And Scientist Dr. Adam Rutherford: "I am seriously against witch-hunts and vacuous petition wars."

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