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Race Realist YouTube star Brittany Pettibone arrested at UK airport

Race Identity activist Brittany Pettibone and her boyfriend Martin Sellner of Generation Identitaire were detained for 3 days at a jail-like facility near London. 

From the UK Daily Mail, March 12 "The have been Deported... Denied Entry over plans to Speak at [Free Speech circle] in Hyde Park"  

Pettibone said... she planned to interview far-right leader Tommy Robinson.

She said from Austria: 'It felt like they were saying,"you're right-wing, that's not allowed".'

Their entry was supposedly (sic) denied a day after his group claimed he and Pettibone were detained at the border and then turned away.

UPDATE! Pettibone, Sellner and Canadian Pro-White activist Laura Southern who was also denied entry to the UK, have hired an attorney to sue the British Gov't.  

Pro-English activist Tommy Robinson delivered Sellner's speech in London a week later.

More from the BBC, March 14. 

New Study by Lehigh Univ. suggests negative affects of hybridization between Chickadee subspecies: Implications for Race Mixing among Humans?

Memory loss, sterility and less learning ability are examples of cross-breeding among different species cited by the researchers. 

From Lehigh University:

Sterility is common in hybrids and is thought to be a key factor in keeping two hybridizing species distinct. This is true for a particular hybrid chickadee population in the U.S., the result of mating between the northern Black-capped Chickadee and a southern species called the Carolina Chickadee. A lower percentage of the hybrid chickadees’ eggs hatch compared to their pure-species parents—a key selective disadvantage.

The results of a new behavioral study out of Lehigh University and Franklin & Marshall College add a wrinkle to this paradigm: Scientists found that hybrid chickadees have marked deficiencies in learning and memory compared to their pure species parents, which may be another selective disadvantage...

“If hybrid chickadees are less innovative, less able to adjust to their environments, they might be less likely to survive,” says McQuillan. “That might be a factor in keeping the two species separate—or reproductively isolated—despite the fact that they are hybridizi

James Watson to lead new genetics research center in Shenzen Province, China 中國

New! From 中国货币新闻 (China Money): 

Co-discoverer of the double helix and Nobel prize winning geneticist James Watson has received a new honor. Recently Watson has been castigated by leftist British media for his race realist views. 

From 中国货币新闻 (China Money): 

Watson... has thrown his support behind a life science research center being established by the Shenzhen city government... the 90-year-old scientist will work at the facility, according to Chinese media.

Located in the Baguang area of Shenzhen, the research center will study cancers and genes and employ more than 1,000 scientists, including Watson, who will head the research teams...

Watson, who will turn 90 next month, won a Nobel Prize in 1962 following his discovery of the structure of DNA with Francis Crick in 1953. Watson personally chose the location of the Shenzhen lab last year. The center will be modeled after the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in the U.S. where Watson worked as a director earlier in his career. 

What's New?

Libertarian bio-chemist presses the limits of bio-engineering

From UK Guardian: Josiah Zayner ‘I want to help humans genetically modify themselves’

The former Nasa biochemist, based in California, has become a leading figure in the growing “biohacker” movement, which involves loose collectives of scientists, engineers, artists, designers, and activists experimenting with biotechnology outside of conventional institutions and laboratories.

As human beings we’re very big on freedoms, equality,.. What’s more of an equal right than being able to control what genes we have?

To me it’s like Blade Runner, where he goes into that back-alley science lab and there’s the guy making eyes. I imagine people going to some place like a tattoo parlour, and instead of getting a tattoo they pick out some DNA that makes them muscly, or changes the colour of their hair or eyes.

DNA defines what a species is, and I imagine it wouldn’t be too long into the future when the human species almost becomes a new species because of these modifications.

Video  Zayner injecting himself Oct '17

Liberal Finance Minister in Trudeau Gov't suggests female MP is a "Neanderthal"

Discussing budget priorities in a committee hearing, Finance Minister Bill Morneau tells Conservative Member of Parliament Lisa Raitt of Ontario, shes taking a Neanderthal approach.

From the Ottawa Sun, March 31:

If people like you don’t buy into it, that’s a problem that we’ll have to face, but my view is that we will be more successful collectively if we were actually able to successfully promote women into leadership roles. We will drag along the Neanderthals who don’t agree with that, and that will be our continuing approach.
– Finance Minister Bill Morneau, to Lisa Raitt, on Monday

I am not a Neanderthal.
– Tory MP Lisa Raitt, responding to Morneau

Video of Morneau remarks. 

Katie Hopkins warns of coming White Genocide in South Africa

Interview with Stefan Molyneux

It is a horrifying situation.  And what is even more horrifying to me Katie is the lack of recognition of the plight that the whites of South Africa are facing... That they are facing open calls for their extinction...

Hopkins: [On Australia offer]  No, that just got knocked out...  The Prime Minister has just stood up and said no... that's [immigration] not going to happen. 

Hopkins goes on to talk of the brutal torture of whites before being murdered, sometimes for 3 hours long using farm machinery. 

Also, whites are now being turned away from state hospitals because the black doctors and nurses "believe they have a mandate to kill white people." 

Darwin Subspecieism Defined

In Brief

It is the belief that all modern homo sapiens are not the same. Darwin Subspeciests believe that there is vast diversity among modern humans. 

Examples of modern Human Diversity

Genetics experts such as Swedish biologist Dr. Svante Pääbo, have discovered that European ethnics have as much as 6% Neanderthal DNA.  East Asians and isolated populations living in Malaysia and Indonesia have up to 5% Denisovan DNA, and  some evidence of direct lineage to Homo Erectus.  

Very recent archaeological finds suggest other previously unknown sub-species including homo florensiensas (Hobbit man).  

Geneticist Spencer Wells (PBS National Geo) has called the San bushmen of the Kalahari and the related !Khong tribe in southwest Africa, the last remaining original humans.  Wells says that of all the people on earth "the San are direct descendants of our oldest ancestors."  

According to the NY Times Dec 2016, "gene variants in Inuit who live in Greenland... may help them adapt to the cold by promoting heat-generating body fat."  Inuits have an "evolutionary advantage" to overcome extremely cold temperatures from an unusually high mix of Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA. 

Australian and New Guinean aborigine lines can be traced back to archaic humans, 60,000 to 80,000 years ago.  And geneticists now believe they "may have mated with a previously-unknown human species." ( Sep 2016)


Are Darwin Subspecieists modern day Racists?

No.  We celebrate maximum diversity for the human species.  The more diverse modern day homo sapiens, the more chance for ultimate survival.  

Aren't we all the same? Don't modern African populations have Neanderthal DNA like Europeans?

Left-leaning paleontologists and anthropologists such as Dr. John Hawks of the University of Wisconsin, have been fighting back against recent evidence showing extreme genetic variance in modern humans.  They claim that even Africans have traces of Neanderthal DNA.

Yet, very little archaeological evidence has been discovered to back their claim.  And the few sites where some potential evidence has been discovered, are located in extreme northern tips of the African continent where mixture with Eurasians may have occurred at a much later date.

Additionally, the highest concentrations of genetic evidence, amount to about .05% Neanderthal, mostly in extreme northeast coastal Africa.  

Out of Africa or Multi-Regional?

The human evolutionary tree changes by the year.  In 2016 major paleontology news was made with the discovery of Graecopithecus in Greece and Bulgaria, suggesting human origins in Europe going back some 800,000 years. In 2015 Dr. Lee Berger uncovered Homo Naledi in caves in South Africa.

Darwin Subspecieists tend towards Multi-Regional and away from Out of Africa. Multi-Regional is particularly popular among Russian, Siberian and East Asian paleontologists.  A leading proponent of Multi-Regional theory in the United States is Dr. Milford Wolpoff of the University of Michigan. 


Subspecies (Race) mixing is fine. However, preservation of modern ethno-states including increasingly endangered white nations, is essential.  Just as important is ensuring that isolated tribes with ancient lineages in the Pacific, Indian Ocean, Africa, Oceania and other regions do not go extinct.

Darwin Subspecieists support all efforts to preserve threatened populations like the San Bushmen of the Kalahari, nearby !Khung bushmen, high mountain Tibetans, Andaman Islanders in the Indian Ocean, Aeta tribe of the Philippines, Greenland Inuits and South African whites.  Their survival is vital to maintain maximum diversity of our species.

(Aborigine, Andaman Islanders, Tibetan, Pygmies, Bengali Toto, Tasmanians, and Fuegians above.) 

Quotes on Subspecieism

Carl Linnaeus - First to categorize different human subspecies

Conservative geneticist, inspired Charles Darwin: 

"Linneus... an 18th century Swedish botanist who took it upon himself to categorize every single living being on the planet...  and he did a pretty good job... he actually coined the phrase homo sapien. 

But looking around the world at the diversity of humans he said, well you know, we seem to come in discreet subspecies or categories." -- Geneticist, Anthropologist Spencer Wells,  TED Global 2007

Geneticist Frances Galton

"I have no patience with the hypothesis occasionally expressed, and often implied... that babies are born pretty much alike and that the sole agencies in creating differences between boy and boy, man and man are steady application and moral effort.  

It is in the most unqualified manner that I object to pretensions of natural equality."  -- Hereditary Genius 1870

Carleton Coon, Prof Anthropology, Univ. of Penn '48 - 81

"Western man is the exception... His average mental ability deteriorated partly due to miscegenation... whereas Nature eradicates the weaker members of each species... Western man  protects his weaker members, and on top of this, allows them to reproduce.

These deviations cause the weakening of the Gene pool of Western man... at increasing rate... weakness in bodily fitness, weakened senses, diseases... For weakened mind it is much worse as lowered intelligence is coupled with increased breeding. The weaker the mind, the more it relies on numbers to compete for survival of the type" -- Civilization, Armand du Plessis

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